Tour de Yorkshire 2015 - in Kildwick

All it took was a couple of hours of fine sunshine and what had looked like it could be a wash-out became a nice day to watch the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race go through Kildwick. Here are some photographs.

The weather was awful early-on when the "sportif" riders came through

... and some of them found Priest Bank just a bit too much

But the sun came out in time for the main event and people started to gather

Hot-dogs and a bouncy-castle at the Peggy Wilson Playing field

By the canal bridge was a popular spot - some people even arrived by boat !

Quite a crowd gathered up Priest Bank

Priest Bank is easy on a motorbike

Helicopter overhead - the cyclists must be coming ...

The leader (Lawson Craddock) takes the corner by the church - welcome to Kildwick, Lawson

The leading pair (Lawson Craddock and Nicholas Edet) make their way up Priest Bank

Ian Bibby (eventual 2nd in the "King of the Mountains") contemplates the up-coming Cote de Priest Bank

Part of the main group coming into the village

... and taking the tight turn by the church

About 100km gone - just another 67 to go !

The narrow canal bridge caused some bunching and broke up the neat team formations

Team Sky bringing up the rear (ooo, err)

The main group digging deep

Do you think any of the stragglers were tempted to stop for a drink ?

They must be lost - this is Kildwick, not Bradley.

Time to go home

With many thanks to all the contributors: David Atkinson, Chris Brigham, Viv Midgley, Helen and Martin Moran, Anthony Sibley, Graham and Karen Taylor